Instructions for RUP Record Program

Follow these steps to download and use the RUP Record Program:

  1. You may wish to print these instructions for easy reference.
  2. Go here. Click on the Restricted Use Record Program Excel link. Select “Save" and save the file to your desktop or other drive.
  3. Double click on the RUP Record Program icon on your desktop to open it (or open the file from wherever you saved it). When prompted, choose 'Enable Macros'(Microsoft 2007) or click "Enable Content" in the security warning (Microsoft 2010).
  4. If the macro settings for Excel on your computer are set to "Disable all macros without notification", this utility will not work. You need to change the macro security settings in the Trust Center. A screen shot of the steps for changing the settings is available.
  5. Begin by reading the introduction pop-up and following instructions given in the program.
  6. Saving records: After entering your application record(s) you may want to save this file on your computer as another filename (for example, 2012RUPrecords.xlsm). This allows the original file to be kept as an unmodified copy and the new file to be used from year to year without having to re-enter field names and locations.
  7. For additional information, go to and click the Pesticide Record Book link.